Application Process

If you are a new applicant and would like your child to attend AJA please submit a request for contact via the link below. Our staff will contact you within 24 business hours regarding your request and are happy to help with the application process. 

The first time parents apply for admission to AJA for their student, the AJA Principal/Administration will grant the student a conditional acceptance until the following required steps are completed:


  1. Parents complete and submit the required enrollment applications to the AJA School Secretary. In the event parents request AJA financial aid for tuition assistance, they should complete the AJA Financial Aid Application and submit IN A SEALED ENVELOPE the signed application with required documentation to be forwarded to the AJA Treasurer.

  2. Parents and prospective student meet with the AJA Principal/Administration and classroom teacher.

  3. All parents may meet with AJA Treasurer to complete financial process of registration. Parents requesting financial aid must meet with the Treasurer AND Finance Committee to determine qualification of financial aid.

  4. The AJA school office requests and receives the cum-folder of each student applying for admission from school previously attended.

  5. The Principal/Administration receives and reviews the cum-folder, and addresses any possible concerns.

  6. The Principal/Administration and/or AJA Treasurer submits student’s name to AJA School Board for final approval.

  7. The parents/guardians and their students must review the 2019-2020 AJA Student Handbook, and sign and date the agreement contract (separate document provided) which states they will follow the policies as written and uphold the school’s values.

  8.  For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grades, parents/guardians’ signature will suffice; students in 3rd through 10th grades must sign and date the agreement form along with their parents/guardians. 

  9. Based on a recommendation from AJA Principal/Administration, the AJA School Board will remove conditional status and grant final approval for admittance to AJA School.*


*Exception:  Temporary extension of conditional acceptance may occur for academic or behavioral concerns.

Helpful Forms for Parents

List of required vaccines from WI Health Service Department 

Physical Exam and Health History Form

-Required to be filled out by child's doctor. For all new students and 6th graders.

Vaccine Form & Waiver 

-Required for all new students and 6th graders. (Print out of child's vaccine history from doctor's office is acceptable)

Handbook 2021-2022

COVID Action Plan 


School Report Card 21-22

Admissions Process