The Focus of Adventist Education

The primary objective of Adventist education is to lead students into a deeper relationship with Christ, and equip them with the skills to be lifelong servants of God. The educational setting becomes the platform for growing disciples for Christ. Excellence in education is important because students are being educated to serve God all their lives.


Adventist education is much more than the rigorous academic standards and high student achievement.


  1. It is fostering a faith in God and a respect for all; building characters that will stand firm in a world of compromise.

  2. It is nurturing independent thinking and promoting a lifetime of service over selfish ambition.

  3. It is training young people for service to the world and to the church.

  4. It is commitment to educating the whole person – physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual.


Adventist education believes in creating experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning. The ingredients are simple:


  1. A Bible-based curriculum

  2. Current technology

  3. Interactive teaching strategies driven by scientific research

  4. A safe and secure environment where all abilities and talents are honored and accepted